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 FE-13™ SYSTEM  
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The Kidde FE-13 Suppression System is designed for protection of applications in low temperature environments and high-ceiling structures or where a high concentration of fire suppression agent is required to inert the protected application against fire. Uses clean, fast, people-safe FE-13 gaseous agent that works by absorbing heat from the fire. System includes detectors, a control unit, agent storage cylinders, piping and discharge nozzles.


• Listed and approved for use by the 
  U.S. EPA
• Ideal for inerting environments
• Tested and approved all of Kidde`s 
  various detection and control options
• Flexible design to fit your application


  • UL
  • FM (Modular only)

Technical Specification:

Provides it own source of propellant 
with a high vapor pressure

Extinguishes fire both physically and chemically

Very low boiling point to allow a discharge to gas as low temperatures (140° F)

Typical use concentration at 18% - NAOEL at 30% - High Safety Margin

Approved for hazards with 25 foot ceiling heights


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